Birthday Candles at American Airlines Theatre

Birthday Candles Tickets

American Airlines Theatre | Manhattan, New York

This spring Birthday Candles is back for more! Renowned as the most legendary broadway productions, 2022s tour isn't one to be missed by anybody, especially not die hard Birthday Candles fans! Playing at the unforgettable American Airlines Theatre in New York City, New York one of the busiest spots in town and definitely the best! Remember stick Tuesday 29th March 2022 in the diary for this extravaganza! You certainly won't have any regrets for being part of the biggest night in town this March thats for sure! Simply click 'get tickets' to buy yours today because when they're gone, THEY'RE GONE!

If you’re looking for something exciting to see in March, we have something more superior for you! Birthday Candles is touring the US for 2022 with the biggest and finest show on broadway – according to critics and fans! Hosted by the magnificent American Airlines Theatre in New York, New York City known for its second to none customer service, ideal location, as well as its closeness to major transport links so you can imagine why visitors favour this over other venues in the area, your night is sure to get off to a great start! Birthday Candles will be showing on Tuesday 29th March 2022 so save the date, and cancel any existing plans already! This is a big deal and if you're any kind of theatre fan, its a MUST! Suitable for the whole family so bring the children. Click 'get tickets' today to bag yours, they will be gone in a flash!

Birthday Candles at American Airlines Theatre

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