If you are attending a show or an event at The American Airlines Theatre and have any questions regarding the performance, dress codes, schedule, age restrictions etc then take a look below at the frequently asked questions.


Are photos allowed to be taken in the venue?
No cameras/recording devices allowed. The only exception is for professional media personnel who has been approved by the venue.

Can children enter the theatre for free?
Each attendee, regardless of their age must hold a valid ticket to be granted entrance to a performance

What time does the show begin?
Event start times may vary but most begin at 8pm or 10.30pm. Doors will open 45 minutes before and you can take your seats within 30 minutes before.

What is the dress code for shows at the American Airlines Theatre?
There is no particular dress code required. For advise on what to wear, most attendees arrive in smart casual for general productions and for operas and ballets formal wear to black tie.