1776 – The Musical at American Airlines Theatre

1776 - The Musical Tickets

American Airlines Theatre | New York, New York

Can you think of the last time you watched a musical? If you go all the time or you fancy booking your first visit, this is something for you…. 1776 – The Musical that is in theatres once more for fall, 2022, has something for everyone, you'll leave wanting to go again and again, when that final curtain closes you will on cloud 9, a Friday evening singing to a bunch of hit tracks will be just what you need this October! If you are familiar with magnificent American Airlines Theatre of New York, New York City, you'll be pleased to know 1776 – The Musical will be held there on Friday 14th October 2022, the top place to be, so buy your seats today, press 'GET TICKETS' right away!

1776 - The Musical at American Airlines Theatre

There is a feeling that comes with seeing a musical thats like no other and its just like tis with the unbelievable 1776 – The Musical – easily the premier musical in theatres, especially for fall, 2022! Theatre goers have been raving shouting about 1776 – The Musical for so long and we think they're right! Can you see yourself and the family, comfortable sitting in the theatre one Friday night watching an iconic show this October? well if you can then write these details down fast! 1776 – The Musical will play at the gorgeous American Airlines Theatre, New York City, New York on Friday 14th October 2022. American Airlines Theatre is legendary for its facilities, service and great parking, its in the city centre and is just around the corner from public transport options, you'll have no trouble finding the place! You will be able to buy directly on this page, click the little 'get tickets' button right away!

1776 - The Musical at American Airlines Theatre

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