1776 – The Musical at American Airlines Theatre

1776 - The Musical Tickets

American Airlines Theatre | New York, New York

One for the 1776 – The Musical lovers at the back…..an enormous fall, 2022 tour is on the road and we are SO thrilled! This awe-inspiring musical will give you a Friday night at a theatre house for the whole family this October….what a brilliant idea! pure entertainment in the finest venue in town, American Airlines Theatre, New York, New York City on Friday 28th October 2022 and YOU would fit in just fine! We realise tickets are in limited supply so you can buy direct from this page simply click the 'GET TICKETS' button that you'll be able to see on this page.

1776 - The Musical at American Airlines Theatre

Did you know that experiencing a live theater show really gets your heart pumping? It’s not just a saying, it’s actually true! It’s actually been proven by multiple universities in various studies that audience members watching plays experience elevated heart levels for over 20 mins during a show. The increase recorded is actually considered the optimal heart rate to stimulate cardio fitness and stamina according to the British Heart Foundation, meaning the audience members were working out while sitting in the theatre! You can experience all of this at the stunning American Airlines Theatre in New York City, as well as see one of the hottest theater shows of today, 1776 – The Musical on Friday 28th October 2022.

1776 - The Musical at American Airlines Theatre

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