Birthday Candles at American Airlines Theatre

Birthday Candles Tickets

American Airlines Theatre | New York, New York

Get ready to be entirely carried away! Birthday Candles are bringing their stunning Broadway performance to American Airlines Theatre on the Wednesday 15th April 2020. The one-of-a-kind performers will bring their unique voices and unparalleled moves for a night of truly epic Broadway experience. Regardless whether this is your first time at American Airlines Theatre, or you are an strong fan of Broadway shows, be sure that you will have a night of pure enjoyment as this once-in-a-lifetime experience comes to New York City. American Airlines Theatre has presented to some of the most awe-inspiring Broadway performances in history, and Birthday Candles is not an exception. From beautiful musicals, to spine-tingling Broadway sagas, the American Airlines Theatre is the perfect stage. So far, all Birthday Candles tickets have sold out very FAST, so don’t wait and buy yours here!

Birthday Candles at American Airlines Theatre

Why should you be a fan of Broadway? Simply because there is nothing like it. It's live. This means that you will experience every line or set-piece, and that keeps you on our toes throughout the entire show. It is the perfect combination of live art and scripted story. Unlike movies, you get to see the complex characters you love right in front of you and be a part of their emotion. And what a better place to witness the power of Broadway that American Airlines Theatre? This venue in the beautiful New York City New York features carefully crafted sound engineering and lighting solutions that keep you in the action regardless of where you are seated. Speaking of the seats, many long-time attendees of this venue have also said that American Airlines Theatre features comfortable seating, an intimate atmosphere, and stylish decor making it one of the most popular late-night spots in town. That means if you want to enjoy a stylish evening out with friends or your loved ones, then you can find it here.

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