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American Airlines Theatre | New York, New York

Home - A Play

Have you ever witnessed something similar to Home - A Play! The famous musical is on tour once more for summer, 2024 and everything the critics say is true, it's the unrivaled musical of today....its easily more advanced than before! Home - A Play has been everywhere in the media and the sheer amount of fuss speaks for itself, this is NOT to be missed! Home - A Play will play at the amazing American Airlines Theatre, New York, New York on Wednesday 19th June 2024....now you have the details make sure you are attending! Can you see the 'GET TICKETS' link? Well, simply click on it and you can purchase yours now!

Seeing a great musical is an amazing way to get you in a good mood, and whats even more exciting? When you find out Home - A Play IS BACK touring the US this summer! Could 2024 BE anymore exciting? We think not! We all know what happens at a musical, stays in a musical....thats because the whole auditorium will be singing their heads off to the the long list of catchy hits in this household name show - It's going to be a real memory maker, so make sure you're there this June! The remarkable American Airlines Theatre will be holding the extravaganza, the perfect for major stage productions like Home - A Play. Wednesday 19th June 2024 is the big night, cancel any plans you may have in the diary and book your tickets right this moment, it's going to be an enormous sell out tour! Click 'get tickets' today to bag your spot on the big night!

Home - A Play at American Airlines Theatre

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